The World Log performs a full range of freight both air and sea, warehousing, logistics management and customs services for companies of any size. Solutions ideal for any type load.


International Freight

We are committed to providing our customers the most reliable service and fast tip. Headquartered in Miami (USA) with offices in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, we have a network agents in Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The WL ensures that all cargo of our customers, large or small, air or sea, are adequately monitored and shipped with the utmost care. Our team is dedicated to serving all logistical requirements to minimize the delivery time and achieve satisfactory statistical levels.

Air Freight

We have a global structure of agents and we operate in all world airports, using the best airlines available in the market, and develop the best logistics to meet the necessity of our customers.

In air transport, it is not just the speed itself that is the essence of all things, but the accuracy of the arrival of their goods. Our customized products airlift allow you to coordinate your cargo, as flexibly and efficiently as possible.

Sea Freight

We touch with all carriers and can offer our customers excellent options at competitive rates. Among our major routes are the continents: Asia, Europe, Americas and Middle East.

Road Freight

The WL is prepared to offer the best service and quality in road freight, national or international. We have experience and expertise in multimodal transport for oversized cargo by weight and / or size. In constant improvement, the company's goal is to serve customers with initiative and drive, getting the right solution for every need.

We count on partnerships with the biggest and best carriers across the country, enabling it to offer customers a guaranteed professional service, within the set deadlines.

Sea-Air Freight

Aim to match costs and deadlines, mainly facilitate international operations for small and medium businesses.

Main features:

  • More economical than standard air freight
  • Faster than sea freight
  • Planning transportation flexible according to your requirements
  • The pre-determined routes of WL are of high quality and reliability
  • Budgets for large sized projects or shipments on routes nonstandard mean greater flexibility

Cargo Consolidation

The WL consolidation has own cargo originating from USA and also offers consolidations in several other countries through qualified partners, all services with weekly departures.

We serve in import and export of consolidated cargo at all ports and airports in the world.

With a specialized department, WL makes available to its customers total consolidated monitoring of shipments from the collection at the factory of the exporter to delivery at the place determined by the importer, meeting the specific needs of each client.

Cargo insurance

The WorldLog operates the world's strongest insurers guaranteeing the safety of your cargo from origin to final destination. The WL is an agent of big airlines and shipping, has offices abroad, facilitating the entire transport process.

Custons Services

The customs services are made before official bodies such as ANVISA, IBAMA, Ministry of Agriculture, among others.

This is an essential work in international trade procedures, after the Customs Brokerage is the tax procedure by which handles all customs clearance of goods, which is verified by the accuracy of the data declared by the importer in relation to imported goods.

All cargo that enter in Brazil, imported on a permanent or not, will be subject to Customs Clearance, processed through Siscomex - Integrated Foreign Trade System.

The WorldLog provides all necessary assistance in legal procedures and customs for your load will not be stopped.


Working with planning and partnerships around the world, WorldLog created a complete infrastructure with all necessary safety to store, manage and move their cargo to any location.

With modern warehousing centers WorldLog is able to offer various differentials for your business. Your product will have adequate protection and your stock will have a management focus on integrity and profitability.

Door To Door Service

The WorldLog has a personalized service for the delivery of special charges. The WL removes and delivers its cargo door in his company.

The main advantages of the process of delivery Door to Door are:

  • Reduced cost and time, in order that the service will be made and coordinated by a single company. Concentration volumes generates increased bargaining power that in turn generates lower prices;
  • Information flow faster and more accurate;
  • Streamlining the bureaucracy, since they will be anticipated / avoided problems from the first step of collecting load to issue the documents;
  • Full assistance from the beginning to the end of the process.

National Presence

Present in major national ports and airports, the WL features numerous services to meet each clients needs. The WL conducts national transport, offering what's more agile and secure so that everything reaches its destination without complications.

International Presence

The WorldLog has always maintained a policy of customer proximity worldwide. The international presence of the WL is represented today by a well structured network of operational entities, representative offices and affiliates in major cities worldwide. Operating in a global marketplace, these companies join efforts and experience to undertake projects of unmatched size and to promote the name and quality of WorldLog.